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Overview of diabetes


High blood sugar level for a long period of time give rise to several metabolic disorders, these disorders are together termed as Diabetes mellitus, which is also known by the term diabetes. Diabetes should be treated in time otherwise it may cause many serious complications such as diabetic ketocidosis, cardiovascular disease, foot ulcers, or even may lead to death as well. Thus, diabetes should be treated as soon as it is diagnosed, because diabetes will not affect only your daily life but put your life in a huge risk by causing various health problems. In this article we will provide you an overview of diabetes, so that you can understand the causes, symptoms, types and prevention of diabetes and all the basic information related to diabetes.

Diabetes is very common nowadays, according to a report about 642 million people around the world is suffering from diabetes. According to this report every 11th person of the world is having diabetes; this shows that in spite of various modern medical technologies it is still not possible to control this disease very easily. China and India have the highest number of diabetes patients; this is because these are the highly populated nations.

Types of diabetes

The main cause of diabetes is either lack of insulin or body cells not using insulin efficiently. Insulin controls the blood sugar level and maintains an optimum blood sugar level inside the human body. While giving an overview of diabetes types of diabetes must be discussed. Broadly there are three types of diabetes which are found among various diabetic patients around the world, these are named as type 1, type 2 and Gestational diabetes. Now we will briefly discuss these types one by one separately. To read about any one of these type in detail click on them.

·         Type 1 diabetes- This type of diabetes is due to lack of insulin inside the body, insulin is secreted by pancreas, this is due to inability of pancreas to produce insulin, beta cells of pancreas are damaged in this type of diabetes, which lead to shortage of insulin inside the body thus increases the blood sugar level

·         Type 2 diabetesThis is the most common type of diabetes, 90% of total diabetes cases includes type 2 diabetes. In this type of diabetes body cells fails to use the insulin efficiently which is produced by pancreas. This is independent of insulin but this type of diabetes develops due to over body weight or lack of exercise, thus can be controlled by proper exercises and healthy diet.

·         Gestational diabetes- This is the third form of diabetes which is common in pregnant women, when a pregnant woman not having diabetes develops a high blood sugar level, this is due to gestational diabetes. It requires a perfect medical supervision, because if left untreated, it may cause problems for the baby and the baby may develops type 2 diabetes in late stage of life.


There are various symptoms which may indicates the presence of diabetes mellitus; some of these symptoms are frequent urination, increased thirst, and increased hunger along with gradual weight loss. These were the major symptoms of diabetes, in case of presence of any of these symptoms you must contact your health provider and test the diabetes, and after confirming, you must start your treatment as soon as possible from a qualified doctor.
Apart from these major symptoms there are several other minor symptoms which sometimes indicates diabetes, these symptoms includes blurred vision, fatigue, headache, etc. These symptoms may also indicate diabetes sometimes but not always, thus these symptoms are called minor symptoms.
Diabetes also affects several internal organs, kidneys, nerves (diabetic neuropathy) and damages the eyes. Untreated diabetes for a long time also lead to vision loss, thus the diabetes patients visit to the eye doctor regularly. Diseases such as foot ulcers also occur due to diabetes which is difficult to treat.
At last in the overview of diabetes we will discuss about its prevention. Prevention includes more physical exercises, healthy diet (low calorie food), quit smoking and tobacco, maintaining a proper body weight, intake of unsaturated body fats. These were the preventive measures of type 2 diabetes , but the preventive measures of type 1 diabetes is not known so far.


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