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Diabetes diet plan


Why do we need a perfect diabetes  dietplan?

Diabetes is very much dependent on what we eat. To control diabetes we need a healthy food in our diet plan. A diabetic patient require a low calorie food, because a high calorie food will increase the glucose level of your blood and works in negative way, and long term rise in blood glucose level will lead to serious health problems such as kidney disease, heart failure and nerve disease. But by making healthy food choices and preparing a particular diabetes diet plan you  can keep your blood sugar level under control.
As we discussed in our previous articles how important is physical exercises and healthy diet in the prevention of diabetes. Obesity or heavy weight can be overcome by a complete coordination of physical exercise and healthy diet.

What to eat?

Make sure to count the calories before eat, always choose fibre rich food, pulses, green vegetables along with healthy carbohydrates. This is how to lower to lower blood sugar immediately. Always remember to make healthy food choices, because what you eat matters a lot.
Diabetes diet plan

Good fat -

Quit saturated fats, saturated fats increases the chance of diabetes and negatively affect the  prediabetes patients.
Always try to add unsaturated fats in your diabetes diet plan, these unsaturated fats helps in lowering the cholesterol level of your body and thus also decrease the chances of diabetes. These good fats helps to lower blood sugar immediately. Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated helps to lower your blood glucose level and very effective in controlling the diabetes. Now you must have question that what to eat? Let us answer try to eat healthy nuts, consume olive oil and peanut oil. These all meal contains unsaturated fats which is healthier for your body.

Fibre rich food -

Fibres effectively adjust your digestion and decrease the sugar level of your blood. Fibre is an important component of diabetes diet plan. It is very beneficial for your health to intake fibre rich food because it helps to lower blood sugar immediately. Let us come on what to eat, some of the fibre rich food are green vegetables, healthy nuts, grains, beans and fruits. Thus you must consume fibre rich food as much as possible if you are a diabetic patient and want to control this disease quickly.

Green leafy vegetables

Green leafy vegetables are filled with ample amount vitamins and minerals, thus important component of diabetes diet plan. Be it vitamin A, C or vitamin K, these green leafy vegetables contains all the vitamins which are beneficial for your health. Some of the examples of green leafy vegetables are spinach, mustard, etc. All these green leafy vegetables are rich in fibres and effectively control your blood glucose level.

Different berries

You should involve various kind of berries in you diet as a refreshment product. There are various berries such as blue berries, strawberries, etc. These all berries are very much known for their high vitamin content and protein content, therefore involved in diabetes diet plan. These high vitamins and minerals, can help to lower your blood glucose level. These berries are also rich in fibres and antioxidants, and we all know how important is the role od antioxidants in preventing the diabetes. Healthy carbohydrates are another aspect which makes these berries so useful for diabetes patients, thus these berries should also be involve in your diet either in breakfast or any time.

Whole grains
You must have heard about the importance of grains in controlling the diabetes and to lower the blood sugar level. These grains are very much rich in vitamins, fibres and minerals. All these vitamins and minerals along with fibres helps to control the blood sugar level.

These were the important nutrient and ingredients which you should involve in your diet if you are a diabetic patient. Following a healthy diabetes diet plan will help to lower you blood sugar level immediately. Many famous dietician also suggests the same ingredients to control and to prevent the diabetes.

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