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Diabetes prevention

Prevention is better than cure. In case of diabetes this line is completely true. Millions of people around the world are suffering from diabetes nowadays and searching for diabetes prevention. It is one of the most vital disease. Although people can prevent diabetes by being more aware and following some positive lifestyle change. When we talk about prevention of diabetes, it generally means type 2 diabetes. Here we will discuss how to prevent diabetes naturally?
Before the diabetes is diagnosed there is a certain stage called prediabetes, when the blood sugar level is high, but enough to diagnose diabetes. Maximum cases of prediabetes develop into type 2 diabetes, thus it requires diabetes prevention.
By making some changes in your lifestyle you can prevent type 2 diabetes.

Sufficient exercise

Exercises plays a very important role in the diabetes prevention. During exercise our muscles utilizes excess amount of sugar from our blood and blood sugar level goes down. Thus it is necessary for a prediabetes individual to perform a sufficient amount of exercise daily. Exercise should be in daily routine of a diabetic patient, because exercises increases the insulin sensitivity of diabetic patient up to 80 % and the exercises ensures the efficient utilization of insulin by the body cells, which prevent us from any type of diabetes.
Exercises should be any type of physical activity such as walking, high intensity workout, etc. The aim should be to burn a large amount of calories daily. This will not only increase your insulin sensitivity but also increases the secretion of insulin.
Therefore adapting exercises in your daily routine along with a healthy diet is the best way to prevent diabetes.

Healthy diet -

Diabetes diet plan for prevention
Diabetes prevention diet plan
Exercises will be beneficial only when you will take care of your diet plan. Any diabetic patient should follow a healthy diet plan, eat low calorie food. Refined carbohydrates and sugars should be cut out from the diet of any diabetic patient. Because the body breaks down these food I to glucose molecules which increases the sugar level your body. This unhealthy food will promote the condition of insulin resistance. Thus we required a healthy diabetes prevention diet plan.
Thus you should aim to have a balanced diet, keep yourself more dependent on vegetables, salads and other low calorie food. Sweetened beverages should also be neglected, as these sweetened beverages doubles the chances of diabetes as they increase the sugar level in your blood, thus instead of these sweetened beverages you should make water as your primary beverage.This will decrease you chances to develop type 2 diabetes. 

Maintain healthy weight-

Obesity is a huge cause of diabetes. Heavy weight is not beneficial for any individual, because it may lead to type 2 diabetes. While discussing diabetes prevention, one should not forget to discuss on healthy weight. You must have noticed that most of the diabetic patients are overweight or obese, this excess visceral fat is the main cause of diabetes and causes insulin resistance. Therefore it is advised to maintain a healthy weight to prediabetic patients, because obesity causes type 2 diabetes. Thus healthy achieving healthy weight is involved in diabetes prevention program.
'Low weight low risk', is the suggestion of diabetes doctors. It means that more you will loose the weight, less will be the risk of diabetes. Heavy weight give rise to many diseases along with diabetes, which keeps your body unfit, therefore it is mandatory to maintain a healthy body weight, this healthy weight is a great achievement if you wants to stay away from any disease
A healthy weight can be maintained by following a healthy diet plan and performing a sufficient amount of exercises.

Drink ample amount of water

Water should be your primary beverage, instead of drinking sweet beverages that contains calorie you must drink ample amount of water, there are certain benefits of drinking water, as water controls the blood sugar level and do not contains any calorie, doctors suggests to drink ample amount of water, because water is the requirement of our body it also helps to strengthen our digestion and prevent various disease along with diabetes prevention . Whereas sweetened beverages increases the chances of getting diabetes, therefore you must avoid sweetened beverages as every serving of these sugar beverages is harmful for diabetic patients, instead of drinking these harmful beverages you should drink water as much as possible because it helps in controlling the blood sugar level and also helps in maintaining a healthy weight which keeps you fit.

Say no to smoking

According to a report smoking increases the chances of diabetes by more than 60%. Smoking is responsible for many serious health problems such as heart diseases, lung diseases, cancer, etc. Smoking is itself a serious problem today many young people around the world are coming in contact with smoking ,which shows the unawareness of today's generation towards their health. Parents have to take care of their children and have to be aware about their children habits during growing years. This smoking is a huge threat to today's generation and its our duty to control this threat.
 You have to quit smoking as it also increases the chances of diabetes to a huge extent. There are millions of people around the world who are linked between smoking and diabetes. This shows the strong link between diabetes and smoking.
Therefore it is proved quitting smoking will decrease the chances of diabetes by more than 50 %  and helps in diabetes prevention.

These were the major diabetes prevention which will definitely help to prevent yourself from diabetes. All you need is to follow these steps carefully, and involve these steps in your lifestyle. Eating right food, performing sufficient physical activities are important aspects of healthy lifestyle and living a healthy lifestyle is the key to prevent diabetes.

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