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Diabetes signs and symptoms

Do you have confusion about symptoms of diabetes? Or are you worried that you or your closer one have diabetes or not? Here we will help you. We will provide several signs and symptoms of diabetes which indicates the presence of diabetes. These diabetes symptoms are common among millions of diabetic patients, but take care that do not start medicine on the basis of these symptoms, make sure to undergo a diagnosis test to confirm the diabetes, then start treatment with the prescription of doctors.


There are few common diabetes symptoms, which are generally noticed in millions of diabetic patients around the world, let us enlist these diabetes symptoms:-
1- Frequent urination

2-Feeling more thirsty than usual

3- Unintended weight loss

4- Blurred vision

5- Feeling extreme hunger

6- Slow healing of wounds

7- More fatigue than expected
Diabetes symptoms images
These were the common diabetes symptoms of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes symptoms are generally occurs more quickly and can be noticed quickly as compared to type 2 diabetes. However type 2 diabetes symptoms occurs slowly comparly and sometimes may be left unnoticed. When found any of these diabetes symptoms contact your doctor and follow a significant diabetes diet plan.

Type 1 diabetes

Type 1 diabetes symptoms is generally seen in younger people or children. Type 1 diabetes attacks the immune system of body, which unable the body cells to use the insulin properly. Inspite of this sufficient insulin production by pancreatic cells, body cells fails to use this insulin efficiently which raise the blood sugar level. This causes various type 1 diabetes symptoms such as frequent urination, slow healing of wounds, more fatigue as well as difficulty in visibility. Here is detailed study of type 1 diabetes https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/type-1-diabetes.html?m=1

Type 2 diabetes 
Type 2 diabetes symptoms do not appear so quickly and may be left unnoticed sometimes. Type 2 diabetes symptoms are mostly seen in adults of more that 40 years of age. It is also known as insulin independent diabetes, in this type, the insulin is not secreted in sufficient amount and due to lack of insulin blood sugar level rise. To study more about type 2 diabetes click here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/type-2-diabetes.html?m=1

When to contact a doctor

This is an important question, if you notice any of the above diabetes symptoms, within your or your closer one's lifestyle. You must contact your doctor, more you aware, less will be the risk. So be aware about your health and get a diagnosis test as soon as possible, if you notice any diabetes symptoms and follow a proper diabetes diet plan. Again make sure do not start taking medicine just on the basis of these diabetes symptoms, first contact your health provider. If found positive on diagnosis test then quickly start the treatment as prescribed by the doctor and carry your lifestyle towards positive direction


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