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Does sugar causes diabetes?

This is a very common question which creates confusion in the mind of many people, 'does sugar causes diabetes'?
Does sugar causes Diabetes, how to prevent diabetes.

There is a very strong indirect link between sugar and diabetes, but not a direct one. So, the answer is no, sugar do not causes diabetes, it's the inability of pancreatic cells to produce insulin which causes diabetes.

But to some extent it is true that adding a excess sugar in your diet increases the risk of diabetes. But eating a normal amount of sugar cannot cause diabetes. Insulin plays the gaffer role here, it neutralizes sugar from your bloodstream, and reduces the amount of sugar from your blood. So, if your insulin works properly then it doesn't matter how much sugar you eat, insulin perform its work. But make sure do not intake excess sugar, as it may increases the risk of diabetes by 30%.

How does insulin works

When you intake sugar i.e., sucrose, it breaks down into smaller parts in small intestine, thereafter this sugar is absorbed by the bloodstream. Here pancreas get the signals to produce insulin, this insulin lead your blood sugar out of the bloodstream and bring this sugar to body cells, from which the cells get the metabolic energy for their functions. Thus if your pancreas work properly and secretes sufficient insulin it doesn't matter how much sugar you consume, insulin will perform its work of extracting the sugar out from the bloodstream.

What causes diabetes

In this section we will discuss what causes type 1 and type 2 diabetes. If eating sugar do not causes diabetes then what is the real cause of diabetes.
Causes of type 1 and type 2 diabetes are different let us discuss these causes one by one.

Type 1 diabetes -  In type 1 diabetes the immune system of our body get affected, which in turn affects the pancreas, as a result of which the pancreas do not produce sufficient insulin
 in the body and due to lack of insulin production in body the sugar holds in the bloodstream and blood sugar level get high. To read more specifically about type 1 diabetes click here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/type-1-diabetes-symptoms-treatment-definition-diet.html?m=1

Type 2 diabetes- In type 2 diabetes due over body weight, unhealthy eating or improper lifestyle the pancreas do not produce insulin or even after production of insulin in sufficient amount the body cells do not able to use the insulin efficiently, which lead to inevitable increase in blood glucose level.To read more specifically about type 2 diabetes click here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/Type-2-diabetes-basics-symptoms-complications-and-treatment.html?m=1

Thus if we look in brief there is no direct link between eating sugar and cause of diabetes. The main cause the lack of insulin or absence of insulin which causes diabetes. But still there are some indirect link between eating excess sugar and diabetes. Let us discuss these indirect links.

Indirect link between sugar and diabetes

As we discussed earlier eating excess sugar increases the risk of diabetes by more than 30%. It shows there must be an indirect link between the sugar and diabetes, but sugar do not causes diabetes directly.
Consuming a lot of sugar is considered under unhealthy food habits. Sucrose consists of a lot of calories, these calories eventually increases the body weight and body fat. Increase in body weight unintended is one of the cause of diabetes and increases the blood sugar level. 
Apart from this various reports also prove that the intake of sugar in excess increases the risk of diabetes by even more than 30%. Thus there is a strong indirect connection between eating sugar and cause of diabetes  but not a direct one.

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