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Foods with low glycemic index

Diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose level rise beyond margin. This high glucose level of blood causes several complications which is harmful for human. Thus it is important to control this blood sugar level within normal range.
There are several methods to control diabetes. Eating healthy diet and regular physical exercises are most common among these methods. If you are in need of a perfect diet for diabetes, then you must search for foods with low glycemic index.
Here we will discuss some top food with low glycemic index or low glycemic diet plan which are helpful in diabetes and the foods that lower blood sugar instantly :-

- Green leafy vegetables

Diabetes diet plan
Green leafy vegetables are very helpful in controlling diabetes. These green vegetables are filled with many vitamins along with required minerals, such as potassium, calcium, etc. Consuming these green leafy vegetables such as spinach are also suggested by many diabetes doctors, because the review of these green leafy vegetables are excellent as millions of diabetic patients around the world has controlled their sugar level by consuming green leafy vegetables. As these green leafy vegetables is the foods with low glycemic index, thus it will effectively maintain your blood sugar level within normal range and will lower your blood sugar instantly, thus an important part of low glycemic diet plan

2 -Berries - 
If you want a good health along with good taste then berries are the best option for you, specially in case of diabetes. You will not be surprised to know that the berries are named among the foods with low glycemic index and lower the blood sugar instantly.
You must have heard about blueberries and their role in lowering the blood sugar instantly. Not only blueberries, strawberries are also benificial in diabetes and can control your blood sugar level effectively. These berries are tremendous in taste as well as in curing the diabetes.

3 - Whole grains
Whole grains are preferred by most of the doctors to diabetic patients.  As we all know through our previous articles, how important is the fiber for diabetic patients. These whole grains are the ultimate source of fiber. If as anyone search for foods with low glycemic index, then whole grains will be the first name he will find. Filled with vitamins and various minerals these grains are beneficial for health, along with controlling blood sugar level they also prevent us from many diseases which are harmful for our body.

4- Nuts
Nuts for diabetes diet meal
Nuts are the key food to meet the requirement of your hunger, as well as neutralize the excess fat in the body. These nuts provides a variety of minerals required by our body in sufficient amount. A diabetic patient can consume these nuts, as they are helpful in various ways either in neutralizing excess fat in the body or keeping the blood glucose level under control.
Either ground nuts, cashew nuts or any other dry fruits, these nuts are packed with many minerals which prevent our body from very serious health problems and also lower the blood sugar instantly.

5 - Cinnamon
Cinnamon are spices which very people have heard about. These tremendous spices comes with great antioxidants quality. This antioxidant helps in controlling the blood glucose level.
Cinnamon reduces the diabetes chances by more than 50%, even long term diabetes can also be treated by this cinnamon. According to some reports people consuming cinnamon spices in their diet regularly for a long period of time have controlled their diabetes.

6 - Beans -
Beans are another attractive option for diabetes treatment. Millions of diabetes patients around the world has been advised by the doctors to consume beans because of their low glycemic index. Beans such as round or kidney beans are helpful in maintaining the blood glucose level. As these beans consists of various vitamins and different minerals, they fulfill the requirements of essential nutrients in the human body. Thus beans are considered an important food for diabetes treatment.

These were the super foods with low glycemic index which helps to bring the blood glucose level under normal range. including all these low glycemic index food in your diabetes diet chart will definitely help to bring your blood glucose level down. But do follow the exercises regularly along with the healthy diet. Healthy diet and regular physical exercises are the key to cure diabetes.

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