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Gestational diabetes symptoms, cause, diet and treatment.

Gestational diabetes is the third type of diabetes, which is found among pregnant women. If the sugar level suddenly increased during pregnancy in a woman without any previous record of diabetes, this condition is called gestational diabetes.
The placental hormones during pregnancy blocks the functioning of insulin in mother's body and create a condition called 'insulin resistance'.
Gestational diabetes levels

As the insulin is not used properly in mother's body, the sugar level increases and cause gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is equally harmful for both baby as well as mother. The baby will born obese and this obesity lead to various diseases in future including type 2 diabetes.

Symptoms of gestational diabetes

 Although the gestational diabetes signs are not much clear so far, but there are several symptoms such as feeling more thirsty, frequent urination during pregnancy. Women should not wait for symptoms, as the gestational diabetes occurs only during pregnancy, every woman must test for gestational diabetes between 24 and 48 weeks of pregnancy, it will be beneficial for both mother and baby.

Diagnosis of gestational diabetes

A particular diagnosis test is performed by doctor during 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy, which check the blood glucose level in mother's body.  This diagnosis includes two tests, Glucose Challenge test and Oral glucose tolerance test, if women is found positive in first test, the sample will be sent forward towards second test to confirm the disease. If the gestational diabetes get conformed treatment should start as soon as possible for the benefit of mother and baby.

Prevention of gestational diabetes
As we discussed gestational diabetes is harmful for both baby and mother, if it left untreated it may lead to type 2 diabetes in later stage of life. Gestational diabetes treatment is not so effective, so prevention is better than cure. There are certain prevention which would minimize the chance of gestational diabetes and also prevent to transfer the gestational diabetes into type 2 diabetes. Women should do sufficient exercise before the pregnancy and remain physically active during pregnancy as well, this physical activity will decrease the chance of gestational diabetes.
If a woman have gestational diabetes than there is high chance of developing type 2 diabetes in later stages of life after the delivery, so women should continue physical exercises after the baby is born. You may decrease your child chances of getting type 2 diabetes my maintaining a healthy weight of  weight of your child, otherwise your child may also develop type 2 diabetes in later stages of life. Thus healthy weight and sufficient physical exercise are the key points to tackle this disease.

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