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Type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes treatment

The ultimate aim while diabetes treatment is to control blood sugar level within normal range. This diabetes treatment can be done by various ways according to various diabetes level and according to different diabetes types. Normal diabetes can be treated with proper physical exercises and sufficient nutrition. But higher level diabetes sometimes need medication, because the blood sugar level in these cases is increased much beyond the border line, so can only be treated with the help of medication.
Let us discuss diabetes treatment separately for different types of diabetes.

Type 1 diabetes treatment

As we have discussed in our earlier posts that the main cause of type 1 diabetes is irresponsibility of body cells towards insulin, thus in spite of sufficient insulin formation our body cells do not utilize this insulin efficiently.
So the medications designed for type 2 diabetes treatment is generally direct injection of insulin so that the body cells response.
Other than this insulin injection, in type 1 diabetes treatment exercises are mostly recommended by doctors, because regular exercises can control type 1 diabetes very effectively, along with the regular exercises most important thing is to follow a type 1 diabetes diet plan. Always consume fibre rich food, while grains and fruits. You can check the type 1 diabetes diet plan here
So let's overview the type 1 diabetes treatment we discussed so far -

1) Regular physical exercises - Be it type 1 diabetes ot type 2 diabetes, exercise is the most important thing what you need to do if you want to keep your blood sugar level within control. A diabetes doctor will always suggest you to perform physical exercises on regular basis.
If you will do regularly physical exercises you will never need any diabetes medications. Medications are only required when you show carelessness towards your health and do not follow healthy lifestyle.

2) Proper nutrition - Proper physical exercises and sufficient nutrition is the key to tackle diabetes. Along with physical exercises you need a perfect type 1 diabetes diet plan, you have to follow this diet plan strictly, and have to quit eating calorie food. Eat fibre rich food as much as possible, increase the intake of vitamins, minerals and healthy carbohydrates, following these two steps adequately, will never lead you to take the diabetes medications .

3) Insulin injection - 
An insulin pump
Along with these two treatment, the last one is medications or injecting insulin directly into the patient' s body. This condition of injecting insulin generally comes when you do not perform regular physical exercises and do not follow the type 1 diet plan. It's you carelessness which bring you to this stage, but still the treatment is possible, as there is not enough insulin in your body, so there is a need to inject insulin within the body, this can also be done by insulin pump.

Type 2 diabetes treatment

Type 2 diabetes is commonly founds in adults of more than 40 years of age, but nowadays it is also diagnosing in children. Lack of physical exercises, unhealthy eating and improper lifestyle is the cause of type 2 diabetes. 
In type 2 diabetes pancreatic  body cells of your body do not  produce enough insulin, and due to this lack of insulin the sugar level of blood get high. To read more specifically about type 2 diabetes click here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/type-2-diabetes.html?m=1.
Now let's come towards type 2 diabetes treatment, type 2 diabetes treatment is possible in following ways:-

1) Loose your weight - The most important thing while discussing the type 2 diabetes treatment, is to control your weight. According to few reports the type 2 diabetes are found among adults after 40 years of age and the main cause is their heavy weight. So first thing you should do to treat type 2 diabetes is prevent yourself from being obese. If you can control your weight even after 40 then you can definitely treat diabetes yourself.

2) Proper physical exercises - As we discussed earlier also, any type of diabetes can be treated with regular physical exercises. Type 2 diabetes treatment is very much dependent on physical exercises. Do regular physical exercises, perform yoga regularly, and there will be no need to take medicine for diabetes. These Physical exercises maintains you sugar level within normal range, and keeps your body fit.

3) Healthy eating - Follow a proper type 2 diabetes diet plan, healthy eating and physical exercises are the key of type 2 diabetes treatment. Include vitamins, healthy carbohydrates, minerals and good fats in your diet. This healthy eating will definitely treat your diabetes. You can check the diabetes diet plan here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/diabetes-diet-plan.html?m=1

4) Medications- If you have missed all of the above measures and you think it's too late then there are certain medicines also, but remember always take these medicines by the prescription of a doctor. Some of these medicines are Metformin , SLG2 inhibitors and many other medicines, these medicines helps to lower your blood sugar level and increases the sensitivity of insulin.
But it's never too late try treat your diabetes from top three methods i.e., by exercise and healthy eating or by keeping your body fit naturally, don't make yourself medicine habitual, it is harmful for your health. Do try to treat your diabetes naturally by healthy eating and keep your body fit.

Gestational diabetes

Gestational diabetes is found in pregnant women during 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. A pregnant woman having high blood sugar immediately during pregnancy without any previous record of diabetes, is said to have gestational diabetes.
To read more about gestational diabetes click here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/gestational-diabetes-treatment.html?m=1
Gestational diabetes is harmful for both mother and baby , as it may be converted into type 2 diabetes later. So for gestational diabetes treatment you need to change your lifestyle. Do more physical exercises, control the weight after the baby born, eat healthy, if the blood sugar cannot come in control even after changing your lifestyle you may need to inject insulin.

These were the home treatment of diabetes, there are no side effects of these diabetes treatments, always try to treat your diabetes through these natural diabetes treatment measures, before taking medicine, these home treatment have no side effects and keeps your blood sugar level under control. The most important part of these home diabetes treatment is that along with diabetes they prevent you from every disease and keeps your body fit, free from any disease.

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