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What food causes diabetes


Diabetes is one of the most common disease in today's world. In diabetes the blood glucose level unintended goes high, which lead to many other health problems.

We had already discussed what we have to eat to treat diabetes, now it's time to discuss what we do not have to eat during diabetes, and what food causes diabetes.
It is very important to be aware about these food, because these high calorie food are harmful for your health if you are a diabetic patient. So let's discuss what food causes diabetes.

What food causes diabetes?

1) Unhealthyor Trans fat

These are also known as unsaturated fats, these unsaturated fats are very harmful for your health, minimise the use of these trans fats as much as possible.
Although do not raise the blood glucose level directly, but affect the same in an effective indirect manner and causes diabetes. These unsaturated facts increases you body weight or fat, which further lead to increase your blood glucose level. This will lastly results in a condition known as insulin resistance. Therefore a diabetic patient should quit the use of these trans fats and do not include the same in his diet.

2) Sweetened beverages

Trend of sweetened beverages is increasing day by day. This is a main reason that diabetes patients are also increasing.
We have to stop this trend before they stop our life. Always use water as your primary beverage and stop using sweetened beverages.
Sweetened beverages are full of calories and increases the blood glucose level very rapidly. A diabetic patient should be strictly away from sweetened beverages because of very high calorie in these beverages. The combination of high carb and low fibre will increase the blood glucose level and works negatively for diabetes patients. Thus rice should as minimum as possible by diabetic patients.

3) Rice

Rice causes diabetes.
Very few people knows that rice increases the blood glucose level, and diabetic patient should not consume rice in a large amount.
As we have discussed in our earlier post of diabetic diet that a diabetic patient should eat high fibre food, although rice is rich in carbohydrates but contains very low amount of fibres, which is not suitable for diabetic patients. Thus rice also causes diabetes.

4) Dry fruits

Dried fruits are also rich in sugar as compared to fresh fruits. Inspite of dried fruits one should use low sugar fruits, especially when you are a diabetes patient.
These dried fruits such as almonds and cashew will indirectly increases the blood sugar level and causes diabetes, therefore the doctors also suggest to decrease the use of dried fruits for diabetes patients.

5) Honey

Honey causes diabetes.
Honey is no less harmful for diabetes patients as table sugar. Honey is also rich in sugar which should not be used by diabetic patients. Overuse of honey will also increases the chance of diabetes even in a healthy human being. There if you are diabetic patient then you must avoid the overuse of honey, and use the same in a small optimum amount.

These were some food which causes diabetes. Now must have clear in your mind what food causes diabetes and which food you have to avoid if you are prediabetic patient or a diabetic one. Avoiding these food and following a healthy lifestyle will definitely decrease your chance of getting diabetes and control your blood sugar level.

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