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Diabetes treatment through medications

The term diabetes, defines a state in which the blood glucose of patient increases. An uncontrolled rise in blood sugar level lead to many serious complications. Diabetes can be controlled by regular physical exercises and healthy meal. A healthy diabetes diet plan can help in controlling the diabetes, but sometimes this blood sugar level cannot be controlled by these methods. Then there comes the need of medicines.
Here we will discuss about several medicine classes those are used in diabetes treatment.
Diabetes treatment through medications
Diabetes treatment through medications

Medications classes used for diabetes treatment

1 - Thiazolidinediones 

This class of drugs increases the sensitivity of insulin, and effectively decreases the blood glucose level. There are various medicines involved in this class. 
But be careful only use these medicines with the prescription of doctors, doctor will suggest you to use these medicines only when your blood sugar level rise too much and cannot be controlled by healthy eating and physical exercises.
These are various side effects of these medicines such as heart diseases and many other irrelevant effects. So do not try to take these medicines at your own without prescription of doctors.

2- Meglitinides

This is the another supreme class of of drugs used for diabetes treatment. This drug is suggested by doctors specially to type 2 diabetes patients.
This drug promotes the insulin secretion by pancreatic cells, as a result the insulin quantity reaches upto a sufficient level. 
As in type 2 diabetes the insulin secretion declines, so this drug is used to increase the insulin secretion in type 2 diabetes patients.

3- Alpha glucosidase inhibitors

These drugs are taken before taking food. As the name suggests these medicines break down the heavy carbohydrates and sugars into small parts and ultimately lower the  blood glucose level.
As they  inhibits the larger sugar molecules to reach the blood and break them into tiny particles, this eventually decreases the blood glucose level. These drugs are also suggested by doctors to type 2 diabetes patients specially. There are several side effects also of these drugs.

4- Biguanides- 

Biguanides are usually used to neutralize all the sugar formed by the liver. They increases insulin sensitivity, and makes body cells more responsive towards insulin produced by pancreas. However these drugs does not increases insulin production but they decrease the blood sugar level by making body cells more responsive towards the insulin produced by pancreas.

5- SGLT 2 inhibitors

Here SGLT stands for sodium glucose transporter. As we know diabetes causes many kidney related diseases and these kidney complications are very harmful, thus cannot be neglected. So, these medicines are used for this purpose, they inhibits the contact of glucose from your kidney, and and kidney do not hold the glucose, instead of glucose holding by kidney, this glucose passes out from the body via urine. Thus the sugar level of the body decreased and without affecting kidney. Thus these medicines also helps in preventing kidney complications.

These were the main medications suggested by doctors to the diabetic patients. But always remember that firstly try to control your diabetes with the help of regular exercises and healthy food or proper diet. Follow a particular diabetes diet plan . You can check the diabetes diet plan here https://www.diabetesthink.com/2019/08/diabetes-diet-plan.html?m=1
If your diabetes cannot come in control after these measures then only try to take medicines.
Do not try to take any of the medicine without doctors prescription, as there are several side effects also of these medicines. Although they will definitely control your blood sugar level.

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