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Food to avoid in diabetes

So far in our earlier posts we have discussed about what to eat to treat diabetes. In this post we will discuss about what food we have to avoid in diabetes.
This is one of the most common question and an important one which comes in mind of every diabetes patient. Here you will get the answer of this question.
Basically we have to avoid all those food which contains high calories, unhealthy carb and trans fat. So let us discuss these food one by one so  that it becomes easier for you to understand.
Food to avoid in diabetes

1) Rice - Limit the use of rice, as rice contains high carb but a very less amount of fibre and fibre is a very much ned nutrient for a diabetic patient. High carb and less fibre make this food unsuitable for diabetes, which raise the blood sugar and hike the blood glucose level, thus limit the use of rice.

2) White bred - White bread again is very poor in fibre content but rich in carb, which makes these breads unsuitable for a diabetes patients. Thus unhealthy composition of the white bread is har.ful for diabetes patients, and not healthy for them at all. You must eat high fibre content food instead of this if you want a healthy and diabetes free life.

3) Sweetened beverages - Sweetened beverages are must avoidable thing for a diabetic patient, you must have to notice this that water should be your primary bevrage but not any sweetened beverage, these sweetened beverages contains high calories, which increase the blood sugar level immediately, and affect the life of patient in negative direction so you must ensure that you should not consume any sweetened beverages if you are a diabetic patient.
Food to avoid in diabetea

4) Honey - Many of the people are already familiar with this known fact that honey is not a good choice for diabetes patients , but still it's our duty to make all of you familiar with this fact that honey is harmful for diabetes patients as it aise the blood glucose level immediately. The sugar and high calorie content of honey make this unsuitable for diabetes patients .

5) Dried fruits - Last but not the least, dried fruits also not beneficial for diabetes patients, as they are concentrated in water, they contains around thrice carb as compared to fresh fruits. You should prefer fresh fruits over dried fruits if you are a diabetic patient.
The point to notice here is that limiting the use of these food do not means that you have to completely avoid them, but you should use them in less amount and avoid the excessive consumption of these foods 

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