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What are the causes of diabetes

When we talk about causes of diabetes or what are the causes of diabetes, there is not only a single cause to be discussed. Causes of diabetes varies from person to person with respect to their different genetic make up and family history.
Here we will discuss about some common causes of diabetes, which are found common among various diabetic patients around the world.
Although causes of diabetes are different for different types of diabetes, here we will discuss about some common causes.
Causes of diabetes
Causes of diabetes

What are the causes of diabetes

We will discuss below about some major causes of diabetes which are common among millions of diabetic patients around the world:-

Insufficient exercises- 

Lack of physical exercises is a major causes of diabetes, nowadays it is very common that people are not included in any kind of physical exercises due to busy schedule, but regular physical exercises are necessary if you want to prevent yourself from diabetes or any other health problems. This physical exercise can be in any form either a sufficient daily walk, yoga, physical sports, etc.

Obesity -

Obesity is an another big reason for diabetes. Maintaining a healthy weight is a huge challenge to prevent yourself from diabetes. A daily regular physical exercise will help you to do so. A healthy weight will not only help you to prevent diabetes but also prevents other health related problems, so it is very important to maintain a healthy weight. You can notice that almost every obese person has diabetes.
The risk of diabetes increases by upto 5 times in an obese person. Thus obesity is directly related to diabetes.

Unhealthy food

We have already said that what you eat matters a lot. A healthy diet is very much needed to prevent diabetes. You must have to quit high calorie food and unhealthy carbohydrates to prevent yourself from diabetes. These high calorie food are one of the main cause of diabetes.
You have to follow a particular diabetes diet plan if you want to prevent yourself from diabetes and any other health problems. You can check a complete diabetes diet plan here..........

Improper sleep

A proper sleep is very important to keep you fit and to prevent any diseases such as diabetes. According to a survey people who do not take a proper sleep, increases their chances of getting diabetes by more than 50 %. Along with diabetes an incomplete sleep lead to various health problems. Therefore it is essential to take a proper sleep if you want to keep your self fit.

Unhealthy lifestyle

Unhealthy lifestyle is the major cause of diabetes.  Eating unhealthy food, do not taking proper sleep and not pursuing regular exercises physical exercises are all included under unhealthy lifestyle, thus to prevent our self from vital disease such as diabetes we have to live a healthy lifestyle, so as to keep ourselves fit .

These were the some major causes of diabetes, the mist common among all was the unhealthy lifestyle, which is recorded among millions of diabetic patients around the world. So by avoiding all these causes we should prevent ourselves from diabetes.

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